Thursday, July 21, 2016

Everybody's talking about Pokemon Go!

Dear Hunters!

First and foremost, thank you for finding and reading my new blog!

My Avatar following me through the world!
Second, no matter how logical it seems, I still cannot believe just how popular Pokemon Go! has become in such a short amount of time. I've so far met neighbors that I have never met in the 11 years I've lived her, as well as business owners and store managers to local businesses I frequent. I've also found out several of my older family members decided to check it out, which is something I've never heard of them doing, and now they're hooked too!

This game is not just awesome to play, it's powerful on a social level. They're are already reports of it helping people who've been suffering with several depression and anxiety, and I've so far witnessed it bring several parents together with kids, doing something they both deeply enjoy AND find stimulated, which as a parent, I know is tough to find. We often end up playing games with our kids, mostly for their enjoyment and just to spend time with them, but more often than not, they like to play games that just aren't stimulating for the adult mind. Pokemon Go! has provided something, at least for now, that is appealing to the young and young at heart a like. No wonder everybody's talking about this game!

Thirdly, just in case you weren't sure, in this blog I'm going to be sharing pretty much every tip, trick, and strategy for playing Pokemon Go, that I can learn, find and verify as I wander down the vast rabbit hole of this new mobile game. If you've found yourself enchanted to the recent Niantic-Nintendo augmented reality game, I hope you'll find this blog worthy of at least the occasional visit. And please! If you write a blog or have written any articles about Pokemon Go, please share them with me below in the comments. I'd LOVE to see what you've been up to too =)

And aside from all the juicy tips and tricks I learn, I also plan on sharing some of the stories and experiences I have meeting new people and exploring the world with a renewed purpose, hope you won't mind? =)

Until our next meeting.....   Happy Hunting!

~BemaSelf (yes, this is my Pokemon Trainer name! As soon as Niantic comes out with a way to have a friends list, please add me!)

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